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Ciprian Padurariu
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I guess since the king is on h5 to begin with, White will never allow you to get it behind the pawn and the rook. Weird endgame...

I should check what happens when you have a g, f and e pawn. Maybe the h pawn is some kind of exception.

Edit: Checked it and it seems g and h pawns draw - with an h pawn it's significantly easier than with a g pawn. With an f or e pawn you are lost. The idea is to bring the king toward the pawn from behind - and this is achieved via series of zugzwangs. (for g and h pawns the queen does not have enough room to maneuver and thus cannot dislodge a king that defends stubbornly behind the rook and the pawn)

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Corniel Corniel is a Male

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Het was een bijzondere pot Herman. Zoveel is zeker. Was nog niet eerder toegekomen er even goed naar te kijken. Heb zowel wat eigen opmerkingen toegevoegd, als varianten die hier besproken zijn.

stukken in het gras

ik zag stukken in het gras - en paarden grazen
en een zwarte dame
ik hoopte - dat jij het was

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